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Horoscope sign Leo Dhanush

BORN: 1983-07-28

Dhanush is a well known Indian movie actor, movie producer, lyricist plus playback singer especially in the genre of Tamil movies. He was born on July 28th and is a Leonite by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Generosity and an openness of mind are the key strengths of Dhanush’s personality. Dynamism, optimism and free spiritedness allows him to make a mark wherever he goes and in that he makes himself a typical Leonite

Career scope

Dhanush is highly ambitious when it comes to his career. He tries to make the best use of his skills and talents at the work field and wishes to leave all his competitors behind. That marks the secret of his career success

Money scope

Dhanush’s money luck is good enough. He is excellent at budgeting and saving and is pro active about effective money management. He never indulges in any kind of frivolousness when it comes to his money

Health scope
Dhanush is health conscious. He exercises daily; eats a healthy balanced diet in order to retain his looks as well as good health.

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