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Kajal Aggarwal

Horoscope sign Gemini Kajal Aggarwal

BORN: 1985-06-19
SIGN: Gemini

A Gemini that she is makes her shrewd, resourceful and poise. She keeps herself elegant and beautiful. One of the most popular Indian celebrities, she has established a career in the Telugu and Tamil film industries and has been nominated for four Filmfare Award south.

Personality scope

Kajal Aggarwal, a fun loving individual compassionate about life. Being passionate about life, she makes it perfectly able to see the broad perspective but consciously chooses narrow politics. The reasons become easier to understand as one delves deeper into her personality. -- Kajal showcasing the very attribute of personality of two sides of Gemini.

Career scope

Kajal Aggarwal’s career is a parade of endless success. Aggarwal made her acting debut with the 2004 Bollywood movie, Kyun.. Ho gaya na! and had her first Telugu film release in 2007 Lakshmi Kalyanam.

Money scope

Kajal Aggarwal is born under a lucky star giving her tremendous influx of wealth to support her lavish lifestyle aptly. Her hardworking trait tells us that she is a strong, determined person who wants to be known for creative and amazing acting skills.

Health scope

Kajal Aggarwal may fall prey to a certain lifestyle related health issues towards the later part of her life. Intestinal disorders, metabolic disorders and depression are already predicted in her stars. So, precautionary measures need to be taken or stay cautious.

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