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Rahul Khanna

Horoscope sign Gemini Rahul Khanna

BORN: 1972-06-20
SIGN: Gemini

Rahul Khanna is a popular actor born and raised in Mumbai, India. His creativity always run high and is efficient. Khanna studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Personality scope

Rahul Khanna being a Gemini, the twin, and have not two minds but has a conflicting personality, a result of combat between emotions and intellect. He’s had a noteworthy multi- cultural career spanning several different genres. This makes him a perfect Gemini as he is excellent at behaving politely even when he is peeved and is smitten when his heart is secretly wandering.

Career scope

Rahul’s career is a parade of endless success. He delights in fame and prosperity through his career as an actor. Khanna began his career as a VJ (video jockey) with MTV Asia in 1994. Throughout his 4-year stint he enjoyed immense popularity, an enormous fan following across Asia and consistently glowing media coverage.

Money scope

Rahul was born into a family of a superstar. He got into the movies for his talent and looks. He became the most successful humorous writer; with his achievements he gained his earnings. Later he married one of the prettiest women and lives a luxurious life.

Health scope

As he finds it important to take care of his physique and takes pride in himself. He maintains himself by being an active soul.

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