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Sushil Kumar

Horoscope sign Gemini Sushil Kumar

BORN: 1983-05-26
SIGN: Gemini
PROFESSION: wrestling

Sushil Kumar, the famed Indian wrestler has carved a distinct niche for himself in the genre of freestyle wrestling. He was born on the 26th of May and is a geminian by virtue of his date of birth Personal scope Sushil Kumar will have a vast base of admirers and fans because of his fun loving nature and eloquent speeches. His expressive nature and communicative streak will get him all the needed attention and may make him a very popular figure ‘socially’ Career scope Sushil takes his career with utmost seriousness and is rather passionate about it. His ambition and career thirst will sustain him all through life. He leaves no stone unturned to chase success in his domain of career. Money scope Sushil is money-minded and thrifty and that allows him to earn much and save much. However, at times Sushil may suffer from indecisiveness in matters pertaining to finances and that may make him lose some golden financial opportunities. Health scope Sushil is a die-hard sportsman and that shows in his robust, iron physique. He is more or less free from diseases though minor aches and pains and age-related issues may trouble him in the later part of his life.

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