Moonrise is a phenomenon that lets you see the earth’s astronomical satellite adorning the night sky. Moon’s beauty is fathomless and so is that of a moon blanched night. In astrology moon is held as a powerful planet fostering an individual with a superb aesthetic sense, burst of creativity and unmatched elegance. Thus, the time when the moon rises too is an important constituent in the field of astrology

A person born at moonrise or beyond or before moonrise may have certain specific attributes in his personality or character which the astrologer can understand once the native’s time of birth is revealed. Thus the rise of the moon is not just about filling the night ambience with beauty; it is also about shaping your personality and telling you who you are

The lunar astrological system may unfold many unique truths about your life and character. It can say how and how far the interacting planets can impact your life in the days to come. Thus, while analyzing your horoscope astrologers would definitely want to take into account the time of moonrise on your date of birth

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