Moonset is an astronomical occurrence when the earth’s satellite moon disappears from our view yielding place to the new sun of the new morning. This phenomenon takes place at dawn which is actually a twilight phase between day and night. According to astronomy the moon does not set at all but is lost from view due to the glare of the rising sun

In astrology however the term ‘moonset’ is used and astrologers often take into account the time of moonset to analyze and examine various aspects of a client’s horoscope. Moon is considered the mother planet in astrology and the time of the setting of moon on your date of birth determines many things about you but most importantly the tithi on which you were born

In other words the time of moonset may allow an astrologer to do a comprehensive mapping of your horoscope. Rashi chakra and hoda chakra of an individual too are determined in a significant way through the timings of moonset on a particular day

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