With the rise of the sun, day breaks and new dawn arrives with lots of new possibilities. According to astronomical interpretations dawn or the break of a day occurs when the sun’s geometric center is positioned at 18 degrees underneath the horizon. Interestingly when this phenomenon takes place the outer ambiance may be dark enough.

‘Sunrise’ plays a pivotal role in astrological calculations. It is the sunrise that determines the span of an astrological day. The day actually extends from the time of sunrise of the present day to that of the next day. The time of birth of a person before or after sunrise is said to influence many aspects of his or her horoscope. Thus time of birth is held as an important requisite for analyzing a person’s horoscope chart

Astrology has its own propositions pertaining to sunrise. Astrology assumes that sunrise has taken place only when the mid part of the disc of sun goes up beyond the eastern horizon. Sunrise in astrology is held as a very auspicious occurrence as you visualize the sun God high up there and that unfolds for you a plethora of bright new opportunities. Thus many would begin their day with a Surya namaskar at sunrise.

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