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Reading Daily horoscope is something one could do to start the day with the guidance of the stars. Your stars will always hint at the course of a day and how things would be for ..Know More..

Vedic astrology is the science of interpreting one’s horoscope chart. While interpreting one’s horoscope chart, the time of birth of a person as well as the place of birth plus the planetary influences in connection to the pe..Know More..

Daily horoscope guides you on the prospects and possibilities of a particular day and is one of the most popular domains of astrology that people resort to from time to time in the course of a day. People from every walk of life and..Know More..

Ah, September is here and we can’t help but rejoice the arrival of a brand new month, for it does not come empty handed. With every month come chances, opportunities and possibilities with a potential to change our lives for the be..Know More..

These days using free online love calculators are very much a rage. Couples in love or contemplating to fall in love invariably use these on..Know More..

Love! Such a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? A million other feelings in the world, just as beautiful as the next one, but it still isn’t as complete as love is, right? We people have been on this earth for about two hundred tho..Know More..

Horoscopes are charts showing the arrangement of planets during your birth. Horoscopes are an important part of astrology and are considered as a chief determinant of one’s life. Thus, knowing about your horoscope is crucial to you..Know More..

Horoscopes of an individual offer a clue to his/her future. All domains of life are in fact affected by the astral positions in your birth chart be it career or a..Know More..

Mangal dosha is often viewed in a skeptical manner or is associated with various negative aspects or occurrences in life. According to Astrology a native born with this ‘dosha’ is refer..Know More..

 Gemstones Introduction, Benefits and Types

Gemstones also referred to as birth stones or astrological stones are semi-precious, well-cut and well-polished mineral stones ..Know More..

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Chaitra. H.G

Date of Birth:18 June 1984
Zodiac Sign :Gemini

Chaitra H.G, the most known name in the South Indian Music Industry is an epitome of fame for her outstanding hard ..Know More..