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Astrological gemstones are wondrous colorful pebbles of beauty from Nature’s storehouse. But they are actually much more than that. Each stone comes with a set of benefits specific to its nature, features and type. According to the theories of Astrology, each Astrological gemstone represents a planet and is potent enough to combat the harmful impacts of malefic planet and boost the positive impacts of benefic planet. By wearing these stones, one could easily fortify oneself against the various unwanted troubles of life. Some of the most common Astrological gemstones are Moti or Pearl, Manik or Ruby, Pokhraj or Yellow Sapphire, Neelam or  Blue sapphire, Panna or Emerald, Dudhiya or Opal.

Not only does an astrological stone represent a particular planet but also a particular month of the year. There are many ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ when it comes to wearing an astrological stone. If a wrong stone is worn for the wrong purpose, it’ll do more harm than good. So, before you use an astrological gemstone you need to take the expert opinion of a licensed astrologer. Good quality stones only could show the maximum benefits. Thus, before using a stone make sure that it is a good quality, certified gemstone


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