India is a culturally rich country where festivals become a part of our ethnical identities. Each and every festival has its own significance. Every state in our country has its own special festivals which people celebrate them with utmost joy and respect. Interestingly, the seasons too, are associated with festivals and without a doubt, those days have their importance.

India is known for unity in diversity and people of different religions come together on festivals to share the happiness and joy. People mix during Ganesha festival, Holi, Eid and Christmas and exchange greetings and sweets among family and friends. In other words, festivals in India bring people from different faiths closer.

Celebrations also keep us tied to our roots. And remembering where we come from plays an important role in marking our identities. And they definitely bring happiness and love in people. And hence, it becomes important for us to know in depth about our festivals, their importance and auspicious timings.

This section of Knowastro gives you detailed information about each festival, its significance, auspicious time and how the day works for you according to your zodiac sign

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Chaitra. H.G

Date of Birth:18 June 1984
Zodiac Sign :Gemini

Chaitra H.G, the most known name in the South Indian Music Industry is an epitome of fame for her outstanding hard ..Know More..