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Astro stone Dudhiya

About Dudhiya Stone

Dudhiya in one Line - ‘Queen of gems’, Dudhiya or opal will captivate all attention with its milky white hue showing a brisk interplay of all the seven colors of Rainbow. Dudhiya is an October birthstone and a real potent one..

Dudhiya or Opal gemstone comes with an opaque texture; has a sublime yellowish white color and translucent finish. You could see all the colors of Rainbow playing on this exquisite gemstone. Calcium Silicate is the key chemical constituent composing Dudhiya

Impact of Dudhiya stone on personality

Dudhiya or Opal fosters a flow of positive energy within you. Your intellectuality, creativity and sensible vision are brushed up under the impact of Dudhiya. You turn into a good decision-maker and there is free flow of thoughts and ideas within your mind. Your power of intuition heightens and you become someone who is completely at peace with himself or herself. Your personality on the whole becomes impressive and impactful.

Impact of Dudhiya stone on career

Dudhiya is known to fetch in financial prosperity, high social status and power, leading one to a life of comfort and luxury. Those involved in businesses of Import and Export, Travel and tourism, Media especially can experience palpable positive impacts of Dudhiya on their career or profession

Impact of Dudhiya stone on love

Dudhiya, also referred to as ‘Cupid stone’ is a powerful harbinger of love. Wearer of Dudhiya turns out to be very attractive. The stone adds a factor of sensuousness and lusciousness to the wearer’s demeanor and approach. That helps in grabbing the attention of partner, excites passion and keeps him or her glued to the wearer all the time


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