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Astro stone Ghritmani

About Ghritmani Stone

Ghritmani in one Line - Ghritmani or Peridot comes with a rich green hue and counteracts the evil impacts of an unfavorable Rahu. The rich glow of the stone makes it a ‘thing of beauty’ and a ‘joy forever’.

Ghritmani or Peridot is a high glaze, light faded greenish gemstone used to counteract the evil impact of malefic Rahu. The beauty and potency of Ghritmani is just matchless.

Impact of Ghritmani stone on personality

Your personality will exude an aura of confidence & sharp wittedness under the impact of Ghritmani. Ghritmani also boosts your decision-making power and gives birth to a leader in you! Furthermore, your vitality will be boosted; you’ll gain in eloquence as a speaker, your insecurities will be bashed aside and you’ll be in full control of your anger. In a word, you’ll have a pleasing personality by the influence of Ghritmani

Impact of Ghritmani stone on Career

Ghritmani is often regarded as ‘Money stone’. It not only draws in money for you but also retains it. Ghritmani opens up new avenues for careerists & professionals and by that means keeps your wealth meter always on the high. Entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals can witness remarkable business or career growth under the impact of Ghritmani.

Impact of Ghritmani stone on love

Ghritmani fosters happiness in love and marriage. Your love life enhances and improves considerably. You’ll feel satisfied in your relationship in every way possible and will experience the bliss and contentment you had been longing for.


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