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Astro stone Gomed

About Gomed Stone

Gomed in one Line - Gomed or Hessonite comes with a charming honey-like hue. This stone is a derivative of the ‘Garnet’ family and is powerful enough to free you from the negativities of Rahu.

Gomed or Hessonite gemstone looks like the color of cow’s urine. Its reddish-chocolate hue represents sheer beauty. Gomed’s powerful impact can counteract the harmful influences of malefic Rahu. Grossularite is the chief chemical component in Gomed.

Impact of Gomed stone on personality

Gomed rids the wearer from all kinds of mental tensions and worries. You gain in confidence and in the power to take correct and vital decisions of life. All unwanted hesitations are removed allowing you to emerge as a confident, analytical and sharp-witted person

Impact of Gomed stone on Career

With the help of Gomed you can easily prove your mettle in the professional sphere or respective career field. All hindrances on the path of your professional or career progress are removed. Gomed stabilizes your finances as well as your position in a particular career or profession. Unwanted troubles or discords in professional life are brushed aside. Those involved in active politics, law practice, IT Sector and government jobs can benefit remarkably from the use of Gomed

Impact of Gomed stone on Love

Gomed promotes harmony between you and your partner and improves your strained relationship. The dark spell of misunderstandings, unwanted quarrels and discord ends giving rise to the bright new sun of consolidated love and fulfillment in love


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