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Astro stone Heera

About Heera Stone

Heera in one Line - Heera or Diamond is the king of jewels in terms of beauty, preciousness and sparkle. In the world of astrology, Heera is used to mitigate the harmful influence of malefic Venus.

The beauty of this brilliant white gemstone needs no introduction. Heera or diamond is the astrological remedy for malefic Venus. Chemically, diamond is a form of pure carbon. The dazzle of Heera can illuminate your life in many ways

Impact of Heera stone on personality

You will bend towards spirituality and will have a heightened power of concentration under the impact of Heera or diamond. Your self-contentment will clearly reflect through your personality. Also, you’ll acquire an artistic disposition, virtues of modesty and sincerity. On the whole, your personality will turn out to be thoroughly impressive and magnetic

Impact of Heera stone on career

Diamond fills your coffer incessantly. This beautiful gemstone is the giver of wealth and luxury. If you are looking for a worthy employment of late, diamond can help you nail the deal. Those engaged in creative professions like music, dance and art can rise in their career under the impact of diamond. Also, people who are working in various financial organizations like banks, insurance companies etc, those involved in trades, businesses, politics, bureaucracy, administration, even self-employed individuals can shine in their respective careers as dazzlingly as Heera

Impact of Heera stone on love

Heera fosters constancy in your love life. In fact Heera or diamond is looked upon as a symbol of immortal love. Thus heera studded finger rings are often used during wedding or engagement ceremonies to connote and denote ‘lifelong promise and commitment’


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