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Astro stone Kathela

About Kathela Stone

Kathela in one Line - Kathela stone or Amethyst is a gorgeously beautiful purple gemstone belonging to the Quartz family. Kathela is a February birthstone and is used as a remedy for malefic Saturn or ‘Shani’.

Kathela stone or Amethyst is a stone of the Quartz family. It comes in a bright purple color, looks mesmerizingly beautiful and mitigates the damaging effects of malefic Saturn. Kathela is a cheaper substitute of the very expensive Neelam. The key constituent element in Kathela is Silicon dioxide

Impact of Kathela stone on personality

Kathela or Amethyst helps your rise over your stress and mental turbulence. The raging emotions are appeased and divine connections grow stronger. You acquire the trait to judge rightly and coolly. You become open-hearted, contented, understanding and also acquire the trait of humility. Furthermore, your inferiority complex is warded off under the stone’s influence.

Impact of Kathela stone on career

Kathela or Amethyst makes you a shrewd business person. Your intelligence shows its magic in every level of job and career fetching favorable results for you. Your enthusiasm and desire to give your hundred percent to whatever work you do yields impressive results in the field of career and profession. You become a diehard careerist which ultimately leads to quick and easy accomplishment of career goals

Impact of Kathela stone  on love

Kathela or Amethyst brings clarity in your vision and thoughts regarding love and relationship. You are purged of all negative thoughts and insecurities and therefore can view your relationship in its true light and color. That of course leads you to ‘the best’ in relationship, stops you from taking the wrong step and jeopardizing your life.


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