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Astro stone Moti

About Moti Stone

Moti in one Line - The sober yet glowing beauty of Moti or Pearl attracts all. This amazingly beautiful gemstone can fortify a weak moon. It is a June birthstone. .

Moti or pearl is a beautiful glossy organic gemstone. When the very rare pearl oyster secretes nacre making bright brilliant layers atop any foreign particle, a moti is formed. Only high quality, cultured pearls can show their impact on your life.

Impact of Moti stone on your personality

Wear a moti studded ring or a moti rosary and feel remarkable rise in your confidence, mental strength and optimism. Pearl shapes your personality in a way that makes you ooze confidence and optimism each and every moment. All depressive thoughts are brushed aside and you brim with utmost energy.

Impact of Moti stone on your career

Moti or pearl represents moon or Chandra. It can effectively counteract the harmful effects of an inauspicious Chandra. By wearing a pearl, your confidence level will soar, emotions will stabilize and that will inevitably bring success in your career or profession. You can stay more focused on your job and put in your 100 percent. That’ll trigger advancement in career. Artists, musicians, photographers, sculptors, cinematographers, researchers, those involved in export-import businesses, aqua-culture businesses, vegetable/flower-related businesses can soar in career or profession by wearing a moti

Impact of Moti stone on your Love life

Wearing a pearl stabilizes your relationship and strengthens the bond of love between you and your partner. Pearl symbolizes spotless beauty, pureness and solidarity. By wearing pearl or moti, you will feel a rise in your love, care and commitment towards your partner.


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