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Astro stone Panna

About Panna Stone

Panna in one Line - This beautiful sparkling green gemstone comes with an unfathomable vibrancy. Panna or emerald is a May birth stone and is used to combat the harmful influences of malefic Mercury. .

Panna or emerald is a stone of dark green color and has blue and yellow as its secondary colors. The mineral called Beryl and the metal called Chromium combine together to result in a panna or emerald gemstone. The stone is aligned to planet mercury and may be used to counteract the ill effects of malefic mercury or to heighten the good effects of benefic mercury.

Impact of Panna stone on personality

Wearing of Panna makes you calm and composed and also spiritually inclined. Your confidence and concentration levels are boosted. All mental conflicts are thoroughly resolved. Also, you gain in your reasoning power. On the whole, you turn a calm and wise person, completely at peace with yourself

Impact of Panna stone on career

Panna improves memory and your professional skills thus making you succeed in whatever career or profession you take up. Also it imparts stability to your career or profession. Writers, publishers, painters, sculptors, sportsmen can benefit from wearing a panna

Impact of Panna stone on love

The stone itself symbolizes love. By wearing a panna your love life will get energized and improved. The bond of love between you and your partner will grow stronger like never before. Emotions of compassion and care for your loved one will increase.


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