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Astro stone Pukhraj

About Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj in one Line - The brilliance and magical beauty of this lemon yellow hued gemstone can never go unnoticed. Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire helps you fight against a malefic Jupiter.

Pukhraj or yellow sapphire is a beautiful and brilliant golden yellow gemstone. The primary chemical that constitutes Pukhrajis Aluminum Oxide. The gemstone is considered potent enough to appease malefic Jupiter and improve the pleasant influences of benefic Jupiter

Impact of Pukhrajstone on personality

By wearing a Pukhrajyour power of perception and judgment will increase. You will gain in wisdom and ideological clarity. You’ll be purged of all mental anxiety and annoying thoughts. Your personality will pep up with huge positive energy. People around you too will be empowered by your positive vibes.

Impact of Pukhrajstone on career

Pukhrajis a stone that brings in a profusion of wealth, riches and fortune. Under the impact of Pukhrajyou’ll experience tremendous success in your career and will gain in financial stability through it. The golden luminescence of the stone symbolizes gold or riches. Historians, Journalists, Executives, Businessmen, Ministers, Writers can benefit a lot by wearing Pokhraj

Impact of Pukhrajstone on love

Wearer of Pukhrajexperiences tremendous bliss in their love life. Under the impact of Pokhraj, you start getting more attention and admiration from your partner. Your relationship becomes a saga of all harmony and happiness. Under the impact of Pokhraj, marriage negotiations often speed up and the issue of delayed marriage can be averted


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