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Horoscope sign Gemini Rambha

BORN: 1978-06-05
SIGN: Gemini

Actress Vijaya Lakhsmi, popularly known by the name of Rambha has set many hearts racing through her acting skills and her beauty. She made her appearance in more than 100 South Indian movies as well as Bollywood movies. She was born on June 5th and is a geminian by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

Rambha’s personality is that of an artist. She does everything with a touch of aestheticism and depicts creativity in the way she carries herself around. Rambha fits into her nomenclature quite well and so leaves many heart throbbing with the typical ‘Rambha-like’ paradisiacal charm

Career scope

Career is a blessed domain for Rambha. Her career sustains her and is the main source of her joy in life. She puts her entire passion, energy and innate skills to work when it comes to her career and the fruits she reaps are pretty handsome.

Finance scope

Financially Rambha will experience good results. Her career as an actress in fact gives her a real booming financial sector.

Health scope

Health-wise Rambha will stay in good shape more or less. Though in the later stage of her life, she may fall a prey to some digestive system related disorders.

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