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Aamir Khan

Horoscope sign Pisces Aamir Khan

BORN: 2017-03-14
SIGN: Pisces

Aamir Khan is a renowned actor of the Indian movie industry. He is also a producer and director.Through his contributions to Indian cinema, he has been able to carve a distinct niche for himself as thecountry’s most influential actor. He was born on 14 th March and is a Piscean native by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Planet Neptune rules over the natal chart of Aamir Khan. Under the planetary influence of Neptune he turns out to be a highly creative person with immense intelligence of mind. He has a personality with a real magnetic edge

Career scope

A creative avenue of career is his top priority. Thus any career that is mundane or too prosaic does not appeal to him much. Expressing his own self and giving a full play to his creativity at the work front is something he craves for

Achievements scope

Achievements of Aamir Khan need no introduction. He is counted among the top rated actors of the country and Bollywood prides itself in having him as an actor. Some of the top awards he has achieved so far include Film fare awards, Screen awards, Zee cine awards, Padma Bhusan, Padma Shri etc

Family and relationships scope

Any partner who is doting by nature will catch his fancy as he tends to feel secured and comfortable in the company of such an individual. As a partner himself he is loving, caring and too very romantic

Money scope

Procuring wealth is never important to him. Also, material possessions of life never attract him. Even if he manages to earn a good amount of money he is least bothered about saving it, investing it or enhancing it.

Health scope

With too much of focus on spiritual well being, physical well being often takes a back seat for him. When he ultimately realizes the value of sound physical health, it may be too late and he may by then be attacked by certain unwanted ailments

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