Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Azim premji

Horoscope sign Leo Azim premji

BORN: 1945-07-24
PROFESSION: Business Tycoon

Azim Premji, also referred to as ‘Czar of Indian IT Industry’ is a world renowned Indian business magnet and investor plus philanthropist. Currently he is at the post of Wipro LTD’s Chairman. He was born on July 24th and is a Leonite by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Azim Premji is creative, independent and extroverted by nature. He is a born leader and he proves that all the time. He loves to be showered with compliments and gives the warm of love in return

Career scope

Azim Premji is very much cut out for his speedy and responsible career. His intellect, relentless job ethics and innate leadership skills guarantee success in career for him

Money scope

Stars bless Azim Premji with great money luck. He is born with a financial wisdom which he makes use of to enhance his financial domain

Health scope

Azmi premji is like to enjoy decent health status. However, at times his workaholism and work pressure may cause him to fall prey to stress-related disorders

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