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Horoscope sign Gemini Bhavana

BORN: 1986-06-06
SIGN: Gemini

Bhavana Menon the celebrated movie actress from Kerala rose to fame right after her debut in Kamal’s Nammal, a super hit movie of 2002. Today Bhavana is the talk of the town due to her exquisite acting skills. Bhavana was born on June 6th and is a Geminian by virtue of her date of birth

Personal scope

Bhavana’s personality shows dualism just like that of any other Geminian. At times she is extra serious with things while at other times she is utterly playful. She will often judge the smaller things of life in a superficial manner but when it comes to the bigger picture, she will show up immense practicality in her approach

Career scope
Bhavana is a perfectionist when it comes to her career. She goes to any length to get things right and that kind of a perseverance ordains for Bhavana grand success in her field of career. If you look at her career graph you would easily be convinced of Bhavana’s capabilities. In a short span of only 8 years, Bhavana has made appearance in nearly 45 films and has already bagged for herself honors like Kerala state award, Film fare award etc

Finance scope
Bhavana is blessed with the luck of money but it will come through Bhavana’s own efforts. The more she works hard the more her riches are likely to grow.

Health scope
Bhavana’s general health will be good but at times she may succumb to stress and lifestyle related disorders. So, caution needs to be observed…

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