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Chaitra. H.G

Horoscope sign Gemini Chaitra. H.G

BORN: 1984-06-18
SIGN: Gemini

Chaitra H.G, the most known name in the South Indian Music Industry is an epitome of fame for her outstanding hard work and exceptional talent. She celebrates her birthday on 18 th June and is a Geminian by virtue of her stars.

Personality Scope-

Gemini born is known to be very expressive and versatile. They are a pool of talents and this very sign endows Chaitra with the similar qualitative traits. She is always up for fun and lives life to the fullest. Being a Geminian she will also garner a lot of fame and will believe in uncompromising things while sailing through the ocean of her life.

Career Scope-

Chaitra’s career will bloom to all beautiful heights and she will make a marking name in her field of work. Leadership qualities are imbibed in her as a Geminian and she will work it out and prove herself and that how much she deserves her success.

 Money Scope-

Money comes easy to Chaitra , as she knows how to harness her talents and skills well. Her hard work and efforts are never shadowed by anything meager and she Is to cherish monetary pleasures which she will garner with her hard work.

Health Scope-

Chaitra will enjoy a happy, peaceful and healthy life all together. However, she might get prone to stress and hypertension due to the module of her work and her hard working nature. She will get over these issues with proper yoga and meditations and will also find solace in music.

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