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Harvinder singh

Horoscope sign Capricorn Harvinder singh

BORN: 1977-12-23
SIGN: Capricorn
PROFESSION: Cricket Player

Harvinder singh

Harvinder Singh is an ex cricketer of the Indian cricket team. His promising cricket started in the year 1997 and continued till 2001. He had been a right-handed batsman and a fast-medium style bowler. In the Sahara cup series around the 1990’s he played a pivotal role in making team India win a game. He was born on December 23rd and is a Capricorn native by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Planet Mercury and Saturn shape the personality of Harvinder Singh. Under the impact of these planets he turns out to be an optimistic individual with an immense sense of resilience and purpose

Career scope

He had always been extremely career-conscious. He wishes to see himself high up on the career graph and thus is thorough driven by the same ambition at every juncture of his career path. All career related matters assume great importance for him

Achievements scope

Harvinder Singh had been a notable name in the world of cricket in the 1990’s. He had succeeded in scaling the achievement ladder briskly enough. In the middle of the 90s, Harvinder Singh had been one of the best medium pacers of the country.

Family and relationships scope

He believes in keeping his relationships intact all through life. He has a very warm, pleasing approach towards his near and dear ones and that allows him to maintain all his relationships quite effortlessly

Money scope

Stars bless him with a stable money domain. He takes money seriously and is well aware of its importance in life. Thus, he earns money enthusiastically, saves money wisely and spends money prudently

Health scope

His health status is likely to be decent all through. He always makes sure not to go too overboard in matters of the health and that allows him to maintain stability health-wise and avoid all major health issues.

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