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Jimmy Shergill

Horoscope sign Sagittarius Jimmy Shergill

BORN: 1970-12-03
SIGN: Sagittarius

Jimmy Shergill

Jimmy Shergill is a popular actor of the Indian movie industry and also a movie producer. His area of work is mainly Bollywood movies as well as Punjabi movies. He was born on 3rd December and is a Sagittarian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope         

Planet Jupiter’s dual impact makes Jimmy what he is as a person. Under the double influence of Jupiter Jimmy turns out to be a highly confident and energetic person with a remarkably effervescent attitude.

Career scope

He is creative in his career related endeavors and also applies his excellent communication skills to nail the lucrative deals, projects or offers. That makes him successful as a careerist and keeps him happy in his profession all the time

Achievements scope

Jimmy’s acting skills has made him garner attention of the youngsters and matured alike. His performance in the movie Mohabbatein catapulted him to fame and fanfare. His achievement of the Guild award for best actor in a supporting role had indeed been a major achievement for him.

Family and relationships scope

Jimmy is closely associated with his family members through the bond of love, care and friendship. He comes with romantic inclinations and takes great enjoyment in pursuing his object of love.

Money scope

Monetary situations for Jimmy Shergil are mostly stable though there might be a couple of hiccups occasionally. His money earning potential is amazing but his capacity to hold on to money is limited

Health scope

Jimmy wishes to look good and thus makes it a point to stay healthy all the time. He is enthusiastic about practicing all healthy measures in his life in order to boost his health, looks and physical vitality.

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