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Horoscope sign Leo Kajol

BORN: 1974-08-05

Kajol is a very popular name in the Indian movie industry. Acting is very much a legacy bearing for her as she is daughter of actress Tanuja and film director Shomu mukherjee. Now, she is wife of actor Ajay Devgun. She was born on August 5 and is a Leonite by virtue of nher date of birth

Personality scope

Courage and headstrong determination are the chief highlights of Kajol’s personality. She is very tactful in her each and every mannerisms and ways. She is compassionate, sincere and unselfish when it comes to her near and dear ones.

Career scope                  

Kajol loves her career; is content with it and derives mental stimuli from it. Ambition, enthusiasm and great communication skills contribute to her career success.

Money scope

She knows well how to earn money and how to organize her financial domain. But she is spend-thrift and that occasionally de-stabilizes her financial situation.

Health scope

Kajol is blessed with good health. She has a very active body and thus may sometimes end up over exerting herself and that may build up stress and fatigue in her body.

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