Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Maninder Singh

Horoscope sign Gemini Maninder Singh

BORN: 1965-06-13
SIGN: Gemini

Maninder Singh, the famous Indian cricketer by virtue of his birth date is a true Gemini who has won many hearts with his cricketing skills and beautiful personality. .

Personality scope
Maninder Singh has a pleasant personality and a communicator just like any other Gemini. He is empowered to move crowds and grab attention through his gaming skills. He is generally calm and patient soul with a heart of gold.

Career scope
Maninder Singh loves his career and is never bored of working towards his goals. He showcases an attribute of a perfectionist when it comes to career and may overwork to assure events to churn out in his favor. After his days as a player, Maninder served as umpire and coach. He is still an active member in the field of cricket even after he retired as a commentator.

Finance scope
Maninder Singh has been generously showered with money. He leads a comfortable and rather luxurious life from his very own huge earnings. His saving nature provides enough to his progeny to lead a generations of luxury.

Health Scope 
Maninder Singh was mired into controversies about the slit wrists in the late 2000’s.Though the official statement from his friends and family was that it was an accident, it is widely considered to have been a covered-up suicide attempt.

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