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Mary Kom

Horoscope sign Pisces Mary Kom

BORN: 1983-03-01
SIGN: Pisces

Mary Kom is a world famous female boxer hailing from the northeast Indian state of Manipur. She was born on March 1st and is a Piscean native by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

Sun is the planet that rules over the natal chart of Mary Kom. Her personality thus reflects the power and brightness of the sun. She is intuitive by nature and has a mind robust enough to face the challenges of life

Career scope

When it comes to career, she shows immense enthusiasm and focus. She wants her career to give her a sense of self-worth as that is what keeps her going and encourages her all through on her career path.

Achievements scope

Mary Kom hardly needs any introduction. She has made the country proud with her excellent boxing skills. She has won the world amateur boxing championship as many as 5 times and has represented the country most gloriously in the Olympics. Some of the notable awards she has achieved so far include Arjuna award for boxing, Padma Shri, Padma Bhusan etc

Family and relationships scope

She looks for emotional support from her near and dear ones. She is a little domineering when it comes to spousal relationships and that may result in some unwanted misunderstandings or tussle between her and her partner

Money scope

She is a born money manager and thus can tackle her money most efficiently. When there is bountiful wealth with her she makes sure to save enough for the rainy days and thus financial challenges never trouble her in life…

Health scope

She is a foodie by heart and often indulges in mindless eating. This may result in various issues related to her digestive track. However her physical fitness is unparalleled as she is often involved in regular fitness pursuits

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