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Mohinder Amarnath

Horoscope sign Libra Mohinder Amarnath

BORN: 1950-09-24
SIGN: Libra
PROFESSION: Cricket Player

Mohinder Amarnath is an ex-cricketer of team India. Currently he is functioning as cricket analyst. He has a rich legacy of sportsmanship behind him, he being the son of Lata Amarnath; captain of post independence team India. He was born on September 24th and is a Libran by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Planet Venus shapes the personality of Mohinder Amarnath. The planetary influences of Venus empower the personality of Mohinder with the attributes of friendliness and amiability. His easy-going personality gets him many friends and admirers

Career scope

When it comes to career Mohinder exhibits remarkable flexibility. He can adapt to almost any type of professional setup and that gives his career a pretty expansive edge with great scope for growth

Money scope

His financial domain is more or less favorable except for a few occasional hiccups which mainly result from lavish expenditures. In general his money management skills are good enough

Health scope

Exercising moderation in a reckless lifestyle is what he finds truly difficult. Thus health often jeers at him and deserts him making him fall a prey to various types of illnesses, aches and pains

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