Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Rajeev Kapoor

Horoscope sign Virgo Rajeev Kapoor

BORN: 1962-08-25
SIGN: Virgo

Rajeev Kapoor is a movie actor, director plus producer of the Indan movie industry. He is also a part of the famous Kapoor family. He was born on August 25th and is a virgo native by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Rajeev kapoor is a man of sensible thinking and high mental alertness. He is also astute and has maturity levels much beyond his age. He is extra protective and extra possessive when it comes to his near and dear ones

Career scope

His diligent and hardworking nature makes him shine in his field of career. He wishes to perfect his work and thus strives towards it with utmost passion

Money scope

He is over concerned about his financial stability and security and thus takes every money oriented decisions with utmost caution

Health scope

His health is deeply influenced by his emotions. If there’s a tempest in his emotional world his health would suffer invariably

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