Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Rajendra Singh

Horoscope sign Leo Rajendra Singh

BORN: 1959-08-06
PROFESSION: Water Conservationist

Rajendra Singh is a famed water conservationist from the state of Rajasthan and a laureate of Stockholm water prize. He is often referred to as ‘Waterman of India’. His unique efforts for water restoration have earned him many accolades. He was born on August 6 and is a Leonite by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Rajendra Singh is very individualistic, independent minded and spirited individual. He is expressive as well as benevolent too and that makes him dear to the heart of friends and family. His mind always craves for change and challenges and he is repelled by mundane aspects

Career scope

Rajender Singh will do well in a career that gives him sufficient space and allows his innovative ideas to blossom. In other words, any career that limits him or pins him down may not be meant for him

Money scope

Rajendar Singh is good at earning money but the challenge comes when he thinks of saving. Saving money is not very much his cup of tea and he tends to spend as quickly as he earns

Health scope

Rajendra Singh understands the value of good health and does his best to retain it. In the later part of life he may fall prey to some cardiac issues

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