Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Rajiv Gandhi

Horoscope sign Leo Rajiv Gandhi

BORN: 1944-08-20
PROFESSION: Politician

Rajiv Gandhi had been the ex prime minister of the country who served from the year 1984 to year 1989. He represented the Congress Party of the country and had been the son of veteran politician and former PM, Indira Gandhi. He took over the post after his mother got assassinated. He was born on August 20th and is a Leonite by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Rajiv Gandhi’s personality exudes a unique charisma that attracts all towards him. Ranjiv Gandhi’s demeanor is remarkably polished and graceful. He is sensitive and warm hearted when it comes to his near and dear ones.

Career scope

His career is a source of personal gratification for Rajiv Gandhi. His being is in fact leveraged by the kind of job he handles. Job satisfaction matters to him a lot.

Finance scope

His financial condition is not very stable as he is repelled by the idea of budgeting and takes the least interest in it. He often falls prey to unrestrained expenditures.

Health scope

Health always remains a concern for him. Unhealthy diet and back-breaking lifestyle may make him fall prey to many lifestyle related disorders and metabolic disorders.

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