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Horoscope sign Sagittarius Ramya

BORN: 1982-11-29
SIGN: Sagittarius


Ramya is an actress of the Indian movie industry. Her works are predominantly focused on Kannada movies though she has worked in many Telegu and Tamil films too. She is now an actress turned politician. She was born on November 29th and is a Sagittarian by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

Planets Moon and Jupiter influence the personality of Ramya and give her traits and characteristics most unique to her. Under these planetary influences she turns out to be a honest and friendly person with remarkable warmness of spirit.

Career scope

Her business wisdom as well as other professional skill sets offers her with a strong acumen for tackling a real challenging as well as stimulating career. She takes her work very seriously and chases her career dreams with utter perseverance.

Achievements scope

Ramya is an actress with immense potential and she has proved that every time she made an appearance on the silver screen. She has been recognized for her skills through awards like Filmfare award for best actress [Kannada].

Family and relationships scope

Every Relationship of life matters to Ramya a lot and she literally treasures her relationships with her near and dear ones. She is extremely romantic in her expressions of love and seeks for a partner who can be a perfect friend, lover and intellectual guide to her.

Money scope       

Money does not motivate her much and thus she tends to be somewhat careless in her efforts to make money. But again she does not spend money impulsively and that keeps her financial domain more or less stable.

Health scope

For Ramya physical health is directly proportionate to mental health and emotional health. If she is in a happy state of mind, she may feel more energetic and fit in her body too but if she turns depressed, her physical health may start flagging.

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