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Remo Fernandez

Horoscope sign Taurus Remo Fernandez

BORN: 1953-05-08
SIGN: Taurus

Date of Birth: Friday, May 08, 1953 Time of Birth: 12:00:00 Place of Birth: Panaji Longitude: 73 E 50 Latitude: 15 N 29 Time Zone: 5.5 Information Source Remo Fernandez, a popular Portuguese singer was born in May 8 and is a Taurean by virtue of his date of birth. Remo loves competition and diversity at work. He is a creative soul and responds vigorously to creativity. His career and profession is his passion and he is deeply in love with it. He loves luxuries and often indulges in a classy, extravagant way of living. He is eloquent and sways people easily with his words. He is a quick thinker and casts a spell with his witticism. He has an enormous base of acquaintances as well as fans which is forever proliferating

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