Today's Celebrity Horoscope

S. Shankar

Horoscope sign Leo S. Shankar

BORN: 1963-08-17
PROFESSION: Film Director /Producer

S. Shankar is a renowned movie producer and director whose area of work focuses mainly on high budget Tamil films. He was born on August 17th and is a leonite by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Ever-lasting confidence and strong will power defines the personality of S. Shankar. He is a totally reliable and calm individual who can motivate people through his calm and composed disposition. He is caring about his loved ones

Financial scope

He has a sound financial status and would rarely face any sort of financial crises. His excellent saving habits offer him with great financial security

Career scope

Career is a source of joy and satisfaction for him. He dreams big when it comes to his work and tries his best to realize his career goals and ambitions

Health scope

Health is indeed a matter of concern for S. Shankar. His unhealthy and hectic lifestyle may cause his health to suffer quite frequently

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