Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Sanjay Dutt

Horoscope sign Leo Sanjay Dutt

BORN: 1959-07-29

Sanjay Dutt is a well known Hindi film actor and son of the most famed actors; Sunil dutt and Nargis. He was born on July 29th and is a leonite by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Sanjay Dutt’s personality is marked by the strength of optimism, sincerity and perseverance. Also, he is remarkably creative and a dependable individual. Thus, he makes a very good friend and confidante for many.

Career scope

Dutt’s decision making capabilities and immense self confidence account for his professional success. He comes with empathetic listening attributes which go a long way in shaping a successful career for him

Money scope

Sanjay Dutt comes with a conservative approach towards money. Money is something he uses to give him the lifestyle he seeks for. Becoming for skillful with savings will help him stabilize his money domain

Health scope

Sanjay Dutt is health conscious and kind of a fitness freak. He leaves no stone unturned to maintain himself in a sound health condition

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