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Shahrukh Khan

Horoscope sign Scorpio Shahrukh Khan

BORN: 1965-11-02
SIGN: Scorpio

Shakrukh Khan is one of the top-rated actors of the Indian film industry. He started his career in
acting through TV soap and soon made his way to the top in Bollywood and was recognized as
one of the best actors that our country has. Shahrukh or SRK as he is commonly called is also a
producer who along with his wife Gauri runs the Red Chillies Entertainment production house.
He was born on November 2 nd and is a Scorpion by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Planets Moon and Pluto shape the personality of Shahrukh. Under these planetary influences
he turns out to be an individual with a very pleasant disposition and comes with a knack for
artistic pursuits.

Career scope

Shahrukh is blessed with unflinching will power and focus and thus can easily turn all his career
dreams into reality. He is adaptive in his profession and thus can suit himself to any type of role
or job setup

Achievements scope

When it comes to achievements Shahrukh hardly needs any introduction. This ‘Badshaah of
Bollywood’ has won innumerable awards and honors in his career some of which include
Filmfare award for best actor, Screen award for best actor, IIFA Award for best actor, Zee cine
award for best actor, Padma Sri and the like

Family and relationships scope

Shahrukh attaches immense importance to any kind of relation in his life. He usually puts in his
best in a relationship and expects the other person to reciprocate in the same way too. He has a
very demanding nature when it comes to the romantic sphere.

Money scope

Shahrukh has a very frugal approach towards money matters. When it comes to spending
money he only spends when there is a real need. He is not swayed by unnecessary spending
impulses and that gives him a more or less stable money domain

Health scope

Stars bless Shahrukh with great vitality and sound health. His awareness towards the need of a
healthy lifestyle and healthy diet makes him pro-active towards adopting fitness measures to
improve and maintain his good health

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